Monday, November 28, 2011

Holidays are for giving

Musa Publishing wants to give you stuff for the holidays. Cause they're all nice and friendly. So for the next twelve days, they will be offering a brand new story for free download. The stories will stay up for Christmas so between all that shopping and wrapping and baking, how about treating yourself to a yummy read. Free. And who doesn't love free stuff?

Just click the banner above of the snazzy logo below to visit the Musa site and help yourself to some free stories. Did I mention free?

But if you simply must buy things, how about the Marguerite Butler bundle? w00t! I'm a bundle for Christmas. If you buy all three Mad Hatterly books, you get Death by Scandal free. That's right--more free stuff. There are other bundles with free books from Musa. You can see them listed here.

It's all about the giving.

And the free.

Now make with the clickety and enjoy yourself.

For free.