Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hatching a Novel: the early days

I've discovered the best way to edit.  Just start a new writing project.  That way, the editing can be your procrastination.  It's almost like you're writing.  Except not.  Genius!  Brilliant!  Thank you!

Sigh. I've finished paper edits for First Ghost and now I'm transferring them to the actual document.  I need to hurry up and finish because I have final edits for Compromising Prudence just sitting there in my email, taunting me.  Not to mention that I should be working on my next Mad Hatterly novel. 

The eggs are developing nicely, thanks for asking.  I did an early candling today.  I like to candle eggs with a super bright, but very small LED light.  The face of the flashlight is roughly the size of a half dollar.  I turn ou the lights and hold the flashlight to the fat end of the egg where the air cell should be.  If the egg is fertile and developing, I can see the air cell and even the start of veining.  A chicken embreyo, like any embreyo is attached by and umbilical cord to the interior of the egg, but first the membrane must develop a support system, just like a uterus.  You can see the act veins running around the egg.

My novel has started developing.  I've taken the rough idea and turned it into an outline.  From there, specific scenes have sprung to mind.  The characters have drafted a supporting cast to flesh out the story.  Subplots have not yet revealed themselves, but the often don't until I'm actually writing.  It's the plot and characters that develop first.  Tonight's goal is to take this outline and write a specific scene into it.


  1. WOW. that was fascinating!!

    best of luck with your writing :D :D

  2. I'm so glad. I was afraid I'd bore everyone blathering on about my birds!