Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's all about me!

So today I'm going to pimp my book because, hey--it's my blog and my book is coming out soon and it's fabulous and you should read it until your eyes bleed and buy copies for your mom and sis and cat and everyone.  So there.  Or something like that.

Anyway, my book really does launch soon.  July 23rd is the official launch day and I'm sure that I have a fun contest leading up to it.  I'm all about the fun.  So is my heroine, Miss Prudence Wemberly.  Prudence has spent her life being good and what has it gotten her?  Ruined and unmarried.  Yes, a single moment has ruined years of being good in the eyes of the ton, but the worst part is that she didn't even enjoy it.  She's out to remedy that.

Prudence Wemberly is desperate. Her reputation has been damaged by a cowardly suitor and her overbearing father will disown her when he finds out about it. She musters her courage and flees to the house of the most notorious courtesan in London. If she's ruined, why not become a courtesan herself and have a little fun for a change? It sounds like a reasonable idea—after she has her third glass of sherry.

Charles Hatterly only wants to pursue his passion for ornithology, but his family expects him to marry and manage the family estates. He needs to find a well-behaved girl who will be content to marry him—and then leave him alone.

For a gentleman scientist in need of a wife and a ruined miss in need of a future, there is an obvious solution. If Prudence and Charles can make it to the altar despite their meddling families, unscrupulous rakes and the brewing scandal that has the ton talking, they just might find more than they bargained for. Can true love bloom amid the catastrophes that arise from compromising Prudence?

This novella represents a sea change from my writing just a few years back. I'm sure it will shock no one, but at one time I wanted to write ::clears throat::  Serious Literature (note the caps?  it was that important).  Yes, I was going to write important things, deep, meaningful scenes with imagery that would transcend the written word into the collective subconscious of the world.  Yeah.  Problem is, I'm a very silly person.  It's sort of who I am.  I'm incapable of taking myself seriously for longer than four consecutive seconds and no matter what I was writing, humor crept in.  Horror?  I wrote funny horror.  Mysteries?  I wrote funny ones.  No matter what I tried my hand at, my sense of the absurb found itself on the page.

I finally learned to embrace my goofy side.  Once learned to love the goofy, writing became much more fun and my writing improved vastly.  I found my voice.  No angsty romances for me.  Compromising Prudence is a light-hearted romp and I hope people have as much fun spending time with Charles and Prudence as I did. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled Lolcat.  I'm off to write more funny.


  1. Sounds great! Can't wait for it!

  2. This sounds wonderful. I love your pitch!

  3. Okay - I am supposed to hijack your blog, but how about I let you hijack mine for a day as well? I'm all about promoting fellow Aurora-er-er-ers. :D

  4. I love the Planning Stage LOLcat!