Monday, August 16, 2010

I Can't Help Falling in Love

I'm a spaz.  This should come as no shock to anyone reading this.  If you know me at all, you know I'm just a nerd at heart.  I recently went on vacation and did the nerdiest, spaziest thing of all.  I bought my own book. 

Yes, I know.  I have free author copies.  But I had my Kindle and I didn't have a copy on it, so I bought one.  Told you I was a spaz.  Even spazier?  I read it.  Every word.  I read it like I had never seen the thing before.  I laughed at the funny parts.  I got misty near the end.  I'm such a spaz.  Even my husband couldn't believe I was reading my own book.

Him: Don't you know what happens next?

Me: Hush!  This is the good part!

So I did more than read my own book on vacation.   Of course I did.  I'm not that bad.  Yes, I finished the next book in the Mad Hatterly series. I sent it off to my editor when I returned and now I'm deep in edits with it. 

Normally editing is something I loathe.  Who wants to be told do it over?  But Becoming Mr. Brooking is an anomally for me.  I love this book.  Adore it.  Writing it was a pleasure.  I was jealous of the time I spent away from my characters and now--I actually like editing it.  I like reading it again.

No, not like.  Love.

I love this book.

Soon I will have a lovely cover to share, followed by some even more lovely news that is yet a secret.  Ssh. So you share with me instead.  What has been your most beloved project?  The one you dreamt of at night and craved while on your day job?  The one you were secretly thinking of when your significant other said "Are you listening to me?"

Tell me so I'll know I'm not the only spaz  out there.


  1. I'm in yer blog... knowin' yer seekrit!


    I can't read my own stuff - I cringe too much.

    My favoritest project?? Tiger Eyes which is coming out sometime in the near future. I love this book, love the hero, love the heroine, love the story. I can't wait to get to work on it. :D

    When it comes out, I'll prolly buy it because I'm also a spaz like that. :D

  2. So glad not to be the only spaz. Can't wait to read Tiger Eyes. Is that the Samhaim?

  3. I must be a spaz too because I can envision myself doing the same thing. Why *not*? (The answer of a true spaz?)

    My most beloved project isn't a particular project per se but the core characters in my speculative thriller. I lived with them long before I ever wrote them.

  4. Gotta love those characters who become BFF's.

  5. Yep - Tiger Eyes is coming out someday from Samhain. I was so sad to come to the end of the book, and it was one that took a lot of effort to write. I kept hitting wall after wall. Stoopid karakters... :D

  6. I had my own spaztastic moments while I was doing a "quick" rewrite before sending my manuscript off to my editor. There were parts where I couldn't help but think "This is SO GOOD!" I hadn't read it in about a year, so a lot of it was as if it were brand new.

  7. Tag: Who can it be.... believe it or not - it's just me :D

    I love reading my books that I haven't read for a while. Got goosebumps at one part last week - that rocked!

    BTW - Finished your last night. Great job! I'd read another. I didn't know it was a series. Must not be payin' attention! squee!

  8. How exciting! I'm glad you're having fun editing. I actually like delving into manuscripts and getting my hands dirty. And after writing a comprehensive editorial letter to clients, I feel so accomplished lol.

  9. I don't think it's weird at all that you bought your own book. If I ever see my book in a store, it would be very hard to resist. ;)