Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frances has arrived!

Compromising Prudence was one of the very first Aurora Regencies, a sneak peek at the new imprint of of traditional regency romances. It was also a sneak peek into a family of gentlemen scientiest and their ladies. To my delight, readers were as smitten with the Mad Hatterlys as I was and for the official launch of Aurora, they were introduced to bad boy Graham Hatterly as he fell in love with a beautiful botanist while Becoming Mr. Brooking.

At long last, the third Mad Hatterly novel is here. It's little sister Frances' turn. Frances Hatterly is thrilled to finally make her London debut. She means to indulge her passion for fashion and frivolity. But before she can even make her curtsey, she finds herself accidentally compromised by the most arrogant man she has ever met. Desperate to avoid being forced into marriage, she resolves to make herself as obnoxious as possible to drive him away.

The Duke of Ainsley knew he should never have agreed to help launch his friend's uncivilized sister Frances into society. After he is found alone with Frances, he must either marry the brat or find someone else to do so. But what sort of man would be willing to take the hoyden off his hands?
Ainsley must civilize Frances quickly, or risk losing more than his bachelorhood--he just might lose his heart.

To celebrate it's one year anniversary, the Aurora authors will have a week long blog hop with prizes all along the way. Be sure and check back saturday for more fun, frivolity and prizes.


  1. sounds like fun! Just the kind of mess any headstrong young woman could get into (I know a few)

  2. Beautiful cover! (ALL your covers are beautiful, actually...) :)

  3. I think it's time Henry got some love, don't you?