Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Roommate Solution

Meet Panini's new roommate, her daughter Patches.

Just check out her crazy pattern. I just love the spots on her beak.

Patches (AKA Patchy the Pirate) is one of a kind. Remember how I said Panini wasn't always faithful to her drake? Apparently when the mood was on her during mating season, she got busy with Sushi, my Embden gander. An Embden is solid white with blue eyes. When her grey African genes mixed with his solid white genes, the babies all turned out with interesting patterns, but none more so than Patches.

Earlier this week, I thought we were going to lose Ms. Patches. She was walking in circles, staggering, dragging her wings. In short: one sick goose. All of these are symptoms of several things including a dietary deficiency and a bacteria that can live in stagnant water and kills birds. We isolated her immediately and began treating her for both. To be honest, given the severity of her symptoms, I wasn't sanguine. I should know better. Birds will always surprise you. They're more delicate than you think. They're also more resilient.

Within 48 hours, she was doing great. We put her in a pen next to Panini. Now it's like they've always been together. Panini is thrilled to have another goose for company and Patches is a sweet little girl, not too wild to hang out with her hobbled mom. All this is good news because Panini has decided she is so totally done with her confinement. She feels much better and sees no reason she shouldn't be allowed out to graze with everyone else. Vet's orders falls on deaf ears, drowned out by furious honking. I set her and Patches out to graze by themselves for short periods. Panini tries to run from me like a naughty toddler when it's time to go back in her pen. She isn't fast enough to get away.  Thankfully she isn't much of a flier. That would be a real problem.

The good news is that we are almost at the four week mark. Woo hoo! Just two more weeks and we can get her cast off.  No one will be more excited about that than Panini. Well, almost no one. I'm pretty sure Patches wants out, too.

I'll be back this week with more farm updates and some actual writing news. Title reveal anyone? Mad Hatterly 4 does actually have an official title, blurb, and tagline. I can't wait to share them with you.

Until then, keep it regency, y'all



  1. Panini sounds a bit flighty!
    Look forward to the next Mad Hatterly:)

  2. Birds have such a fast metabolism that they can die quickly if you miss any of the signs. Good for you, for catching it so soon.

    If I suspect bacterial infection, and sometimes just to get babies off on the right chicken foot, I put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a gallon of drinking water. It's a miracle drug.

  3. Thanks, Susan!

    Maria, I love ACV. Waterfowl can be tricky because they play in their water so much. It always ends up murky. I'm just glad she's okay. Patches is such a sweetheart.