Monday, August 26, 2013

A Visit from Miss Amabel Hawkins.

The lovely and talented Emma J. Lane came by to visit and brought one of her favorite heroines, Miss Amabel Hawkins, of the upcoming THE DUKE AND MISS AMABEL HAWKINS.
Miss Amabel Hawkins seeks refuge from an imposter who threatens to take the guardianship of her younger brother. The Duke of Westerton arrives to find her deeply embedded in his private affairs and is suspicious of her intent. Can these two very different personalities find the peace and respect they need for a happily ever after? 
A Duke? Nice catch, Amabel. In between tea and crumpets, I was able to find out a bit more about Miss Amabel.


1) In the story, we find out that you have an unusual upbringing. How does that make you different?

 Miss Amabel: I have none of the skills needed for social interaction. (tear rolls down her cheek.)

2) Do you wish Emma Lane had given you less business talents and more feminine ones?

Miss Amabel: That hardly seems fair. Would that mean I would be confined inside playing at embroidery?

3) Perhaps. Does that upset you? I know you enjoy the skills you have in managing a large estate.

Miss Amabel: That’s true. One becomes proficient by practicing, do they not? I have only practiced at managing. It would be wonderful if I could add dancing to my talents. Perhaps pianoforte playing. I might be less uncomfortable in company of others my age.

4) I heard you ran into stiff resistance from that good looking Duke when he came home after a long absence. How did that work out?

Miss Amabel:  (Laughs) At first I must tell you I thought he was insane. He kept nattering on about my meddling ways when I thought he should be thanking me for tending his neglected estate. We have come to a meeting of the minds at long last. (She ducks her head shyly.) 

5) Oh? Does that mean you will be leaving the Westerton estate with your brother?

Miss Amabel: Not exactly. You might be surprised to learn what happens. My brother is very happy to stay right here and so is the Duchess and her sister. Perhaps I am as well.

 That sounds intriguing. Managing females, dukes, and a dash of intrigue. My favorite things! Nice of you to give us a moment of your time Miss Hawkins. Thanks. Hope to join you soon when your story is released in October.





  1. Lovely interview, but too short! I want to hear more from Miss Amabel. What...? Oh, buy the book...right, on it!

  2. Miss Annabel Hawkes sounds like she is managing very well. Good luck with this one Emma!