Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Official Greeter

Say hello to my little friend. That adorable face you see when you log into my blog is Bear, our Lab/Rottweiler cross. 

That's a fairly old picture and the muzzle is more grey than black now, but that's one of the first things you would see if you actually visited my farm. 

My house is protected by a redneck burglar alarm, three large noisy dogs. They are all aging and not so on alert as they once were. In fact, some days it seems the dogs are more likely to sound the alarm if a squirrel or stray leaf ventures into the yard than a person--especially if it's a sunny day. 

But what's a redneck yard without a pack of mutts? 


  1. Good boy, Bear!

    How old is he now?

    We have four security alarms. All of them noisy. The only one I can depend on is Tank. He only barks when he senses real potential danger. Though I have to admit Iko is better at alerting me to insidious (and stealthier) scorpions and snakes.

  2. He's a handsome fella. Makes me want to get a dog. A smaller one, though. I don't want one big enough to walk ME, lol. You must have fun with that many security alarms running around, though. :)

  3. Look! My blog actually is letting me comment. Blogger and I are having issues with one another. Actually, Blogger and my laptop seem to have a hate/hate relationship. Sigh.

  4. If you RITE, dear, lemme give to you a few addendums (of course, I have no $!!#☆ what the word ADDENDUM means, yet, I can pretty much figure it out by the first three letters ADD, AND, PLUS). Maybe you can figure me out Upstairs. God bless you