Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everything Old is New Again

So, I have a weird kid.  I know, right? Long time readers, both of them, will recognize my sons as Howler Monkey (eldest, loud, boisterous) and Lizard Boy (youngest, quiet, affinity for unlovable critters). Both are weird in their own way, but then who isn't?

Lizard boy loves SciFi stuff. The more Fi in the SciFi, the better he likes it. Don't trouble him with real science. He loves garbage like SyFy movies. You know. Octoshark and Pirhanacanda? He also loves cool stuff like Dr. Who and anything super heroish, loves Star Wars, but oddly not Star Trek. He loves the HUB channel. He came in excitedly telling me about this great show he had discovered. See, there's this funny looking alien with a big nose and he's living with this family and when he gets to the part about how the alien wants to eat the family cat and ride in the dryer, I had to ask. "You mean, ALF?"

Oh dear dog. My son has discovered ALF. For those of you not of American extraction, or those who just want to make me feel OLD, ALF was a TV show backin the 80’s about a cute alien living with a typical American family. Lizard Boy loves this stupid show. ALF wasn’t really all that awesome the first time around, but it suits his eleven year old view of the world. Fuzzy aliens and happy families. Everything old is new again when viewed through his eyes.

 Books are that way. Everything comes in waves. Vampires didn’t become hot because of Twilight. Bram Stoker wrote Dracula in the late Victorian era. Don’t think vampires weren’t sexy back then (although they did not sparkle). Seriously. Sexy vampires are not new. If anyone claims Stephanie Meyer invented the sexy vampire make them go read Carmilla which is even older than Dracula and frankly a more interesting read.

My point is that these things come in cycles. None of it is new and it’s silly to try and guess at trends. By the time we see the trend train coming around the bend, it's too late to hop aboard, but that's okay. Maybe we can catch the next train. Write what you love and love what you write. I love traditional Regency. My favorites have always been Georgette Heyer, Joan Smith, Laura Matthews, Jacqueline Diamond, Barbara Metzer, and Kasey Michaels. I love the sense of humor and witty repartee.

The current trend is for sexier and sexier Historicals. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against some good old fashioned smexy time. I'm just a bit weary of lust being a substitute for love. I'm hoping that traditional train will come back around because I've got my boarding pass ready to go. 


  1. This is true in all walks of life. Especially fiction. Everything is cyclical.

    I hope old fashioned historicals do come back. I'd read yours.

  2. Write the stories you want to read sums it up too. What other periods do you enjoy in historical fiction, Marguerite?

  3. Thanks, Maria. From your mouth to the Big Six's ears. Until then, I'll just keep on with what I do.

    Hi, Mike. I'm pretty omniverous for history. Anything 19th century is good for me, really up until the 20th century, say 1940's. 60's and past just isn't history to me--probably because I lived it.

  4. It is so true that everything is cyclical. They come back round again. You can only write what you love and what speaks to you I think.

    ALF! Takes me back ;)