Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Better late than never

So, sometimes being a writer who isn' so young is sort of depressing. Seems like there is always some wonder kid writing novels at 12 and going on to great fame and fortune. Not that I begrudge the kids, but yeesh. What about us old farts? I'm too old to be a rising star, but still young enough to have aspirations.

Is there an expiration date for success? Did I miss my chance to have a career as a writer? Am I stuck forever being a lawyer? Maybe not. Did you know that Andrea Bocelli was a lawyer? He didn't get a break as a singer until his mid-thirties. Julia Child didn't go to cooking school until the age of 36. Colonel Sanders opened a chicken franchise at the age of 65.

There's more. Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote her "Little House" books when she was in her 60's. Frank McCourt won the Pulizer for his first novel at the age of 66. Richard Adams wrote Watership Down, my favoritest novel ever, when he was 51. Raymond Chandler published his first short story at 45. Wallace Stevens wasn't published until his late 30's and his best stuff came in his 50's. Charles Bukowski published his first novel at 49.

I could keep going, but just that small list is reassuring. For every Christopher Paolini, there is a Grandma Moses. Heck, I'm not Grandma Moses old.  I'm just Raymond Chandler old and that ain't old at all. I have plenty of time left to write all those books eating my brain.

Don't we all feel better now?


  1. Absolutely. Great writing has no age limit !

  2. Ref: Don't we all feel better now?

    I do. :)

  3. I feel better too, although I'm sad about the passing of Ray Bradbury. I believe he was the finest short story writer ever. But he was 91. That's a pretty good run.

  4. A good message to be reminded of, Marguerite!