Friday, June 14, 2013

Diary of a Mad Gray Goose

First a reminder that the contest ends tomorrow, so last chance to guess for an opportunity to guess how regency this redneck girl really is. The post about the contest is RIGHT HERE.

Now, time for a Panini update. She has a lovely little pen near the porch. See?

She's right in the hub of activity there. At night we put her in a big dog crate in the garage to keep her safe from predators. At first, she thought her new lifestyle was pretty cool. All the food she wanted. Her very own bucket of water.Lots of extra attention from her people. Awesome, right?
After a week, it's safe to say the bloom is off the rose. The honeymoon is over. She wants OUT. Now. I can't explain to her that I'm just following doctor's orders. She's not interested in my Nuremberg defense, thank you very much. And she's quite vocal in her complaints.
I know that she's lonely. :( Geese are very social. They live in a flock and don't like to be alone. They need other animals, especially waterfowl companions. Problem is that I don't want her jostled or stepped on. I can't risk putting another creature in there, like her mate. Notice I said creature and not goose? That's because her mate is a duck.
He's a Swedish Blue Duck named Maverick. I mentioned how she lost her mate in a coyote attack. Well, after his death she took up with a duck (who was also mateless at the time.) That picture I showed of her in the last post? The little ducks behind the geese? Yeah, that's Mav, following his lady love around. They look ridiculous together. He barely comes up to her chest. In fact, when it's cold he climbs up on her back and sleeps on his girlfriend like she's a feather bed. But hey, who am I to judge love?
They're pretty devoted, which is sweet, but I know they've strayed. See, I hatched a bunch of eggs this spring. I got a whole bunch of African/Embden crosses and Swedish Blue/Pekin crosses. So apparently during breeding season it's swinging orgy time. As long as everyone is happy and they don't shock the neighbors too much.
The good news is that she is standing a great deal, opening and closing her foot, and even using it some to brace herself. I think this is a very positive sign. Keep those prayers and positive vibes coming for her. Let's hope we get a good report from the vet on the 24th.


  1. I am so glad to read this! I've been thinking about her a lot.

    Thanks for updating her condition.

  2. A duck and a goose? That's so wrong. Why, before you know it you'll have Chihuahuas and Maine Coons. *shudder*

  3. Maria, I've been worried sick about her. She still doesn't use the leg at all for walking, just sort of hops, but I'm very encouraged that she is using it at all.

  4. Haggis, I'm all about live and let love. Wait until you see what I've done in my newest book. Hint: There might be a wee doggie in it with a familiar name.