Tuesday, June 25, 2013

King and

All's Well That Ends Well! Yeah, that. Today was Panini's two week check on the broken leg and the news was great. She's healing like a champ. She is starting to put weight on the foot, open and close her leg. Blood flow looks good. No major nerve damage. Just four more weeks of goose incarceration and we will unsplint the the leg. She wasn't thrilled to go back to the vet and boy did she let everyone in the waiting room know about it. On the bonus side, we got back in an exam room in record time. She was pleased with all the petting and attention from the staff. A girl likes to be properly admired, you know.
Last week I went to RomCon in Colorado Springs. The conference was awesome, the hotel, not so much. Wanna know what happens when you send an introvert into a room full of strangers? Answer: NOTHING! I hid in my room the first night. Too many strangers. I couldn't handle it. But the next morning I was lured from my room with the promise of breakfast and forced to interact with real people. By the end of the conference I was chatting it up and having a great time because a convention full of writers is just a big introvert fest. Whew.   Best of all, I found an RWA chapter near me that I think I might click with.
The husband and kids didn't manage to actually clean anything while I was gone, but they did leave the walls standing. Everyone survived and that's what counts.
So everything has worked out just fine
I've got some great news from my publisher that I will share when I can, including a title reveal and information about Mad Hatterly IV. 
Until next time,
Stay Regency, y'all


  1. That's great news all around. I'm especially glad to hear about Panini.

    If you ever go to a con in Dallas, let me know and I'll go with you.

  2. Thanks, Maria. I've been worried about her. Every day she uses her leg just a little bit more.

    If only they would have one of the good cons near us. If that ever happens, we are so there.