Saturday, June 8, 2013

How Regency am I?

So, I'm retooling the blog just a little bit. As you know, I sort of abandoned things last year when family issues reached a crisis point. I've lost both my parents in the last three years, Dad just last October, and some things are more important than chatty blog posts.

But I'm back. I've grieved and I am moving on. What's more healing than food recipes, cute picures of baby farm animals and funny Regency Romance novels? Not much.

New look. New name. New posts.

Welcome to the Regency Redneck. Just how Regency am I? Well let me tell you someof the Regency-type things I have done. These are all true, except one. Guess which one is the lie in the comments section and on June 15th I'll choose one of the correct answers to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card. Hah! How is that for a celebration?

Okay, things I have done: (Or have I?)

a) Worn a corset
b) Danced a waltz
c) Ridden sidesaddle
d) Driven a horse and cart
e) Attended a  charm school for young ladies
f) Been to a Christmas ball
g) All of the above

That's right. I threw in a wild card. Pick the thing you think I haven't done OR you can choose Defcon 5 Option (g) if you think this redneck from Texas hasn't done any of those Regency things. The contest is now open.


  1. Love the new blog look! Hmmm, I'm going to take a wild guess and say you haven't worn a corset (a). Can't wait to read the next Hatterly book!

  2. You've had a rough few years, but I knew you'd bounce back when you were ready.

    I haven't a clue what you haven't done, but I'll pick one for grins.

    Marguerite Butler has not attended charm school for ladies--not that there's anything wrong with that. :o)

    Congrats on the new look and format.

  3. Emma J. Lane tried to comment, but Blogger was being onery so I said I would put her guess here for her:

    wont let me comment but I think its the side saddle ride. Hards to find those saddles.

  4. Marguerite, I think you've done all of these things. You're trying to trick us; right?

    Just for fun, my guess will be that you haven't worn a corset.

    (So sorry about the loss of both of your parents. That is too much to deal with. *hugs)

  5. So sorry about your parents, hun. I knew you were dealing with a lot, but didn't know the extent. Hope things are a little better now.

    You're a gutsy broad. We Texan gals have a lot of attitude, but we're classy too.

    I'm thinking "All of the Above." :D

  6. Tough one this ! Maybe, Charm school. After all, you create deliciously, unrestrained heroines. Then again you are a Texas girl so I would probably rule out anything to do with horses... I will go for-danced a waltz.

    Sorry to hear of your loss - it must have been a tough few years.


  7. It's good to see you back!!! I know how much you've had to deal with, so here are some **hugs** for you as well.

    Now, as to what you haven't done... hmmm... I have commitment issues, so I'm going to say you've done it all. And probably have the t-shirt to prove it. :D

  8. gonna say u havent been to charm school...

  9. *rubs hands together* Just a few more days for folks to guess. :)



  10. I'm going to say no charm school.... :) I am sorry it's been a tough road, but you are all the stronger for it... or some such hooey. I don't know. Hey. We're here now, that is what counts....

  11. Say goose! I'm going to say no charm school as well.

    Really, I want to repeat Bettie's whole comment.

  12. Okay, the contest is closed. Putting up the post with the winner and answers to the pressing question, just how regency I am.