Sunday, June 16, 2013

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Winner, winner, gift card doesn't have the same ring to it. So how regency is this redneck Texas gal? Lets look at the options again.

Everyone thinks I've worn a corset, danced a waltz, and attended a Christmas Ball. And I have! Corsets are surprisingly comfortable. Granted mine isn't of the whalebone variety with no flexibility, but that's not what Regency ladies were wearing either. So I think those things make me a bit regency. Plus I would never lace mine so tightly I couldn't breathe. Not that vain, thanks.
I can indeed drive a horse and cart, although I'm more likely to be driving a donkey (because I have four donkeys and only three horses). My donkeys are all minis, little drafty guys just made for driving.
There have been a few guesses that I've done everything on the list or nothing on the list. Nope. There really is something on the list I have never, ever done. Ever.
The prevailing opinion seems to be that I never attended charm school. Not sure what that says about me, but WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! My sister was forbidden from commenting on this because she was right there along with me for multiple charm schools, every summer between the ages of 8 and 16, we attended a week of charm school.
I know, right? I learned the intricacies of a formal table. Salad fork? Fish fork? Dessert spoon? Bring it on! I am not intimidated. I learned how to curtsy and how to get stains out of white gloves. I walked and walked with a book on my head and spent hours learning the lessons of proper posture--most of which I promptly forgot. Lots and lots of charm school. Which would probably be hilarious to most of the people who know me in real life. Hey, I know how to behave like a perfect lady. I simply choose not to.
So what haven't I done? Side-saddle.  I've sat in one, but never ridden a horse that way. Let me tell you, the posture feels odd. And the muscles needed? My thighs would be crying for mercy. It's easier on the back than I would have thought, not really so twisty as it looks. There are quite a few side-saddle clubs near me who perform as drill teams. Occasionally I'm tempted to join one and learn but then I sober up and the urge passes.
So, the only person to guess correctly is EMMA J. LANE! Congrats, you win the $20 Amazon card. I'll be confirming your email and sending it to you tonight. Enjoy. :)
I'll be back with more newsy stuff this week, updates on Panini and my fall release. I'll be attending RomCon in Colorado, so come find me if you're there.
Until then, stay regency, y'all.


  1. Re: The prevailing opinion seems to be that I never attended charm school.

    What does that say about you? LOL!

    All I know is that if I ever have tea with you, I'll have to mind my Ps and Qs. I don't want you turning me into the authorities when I slurp my tea.

    Congrats to Emma!

  2. Rats! I never win anything. Congratulations to Emma! :)

    Marguerite, I've never ridden side saddle either. That just seems wrong.

  3. I've never ridden side saddle either, nor worn a corset, though there's a first time for anything.