Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mom is on vacation

So, I haven't been anywhere for years because of all the family stuff, but my bags are packed and tomorrow I'm headed to Colorado for RomCon. I'll be blogging about my experience.

I'm not sure what to expect. I can be a real introvert in crowds, but I'm determined to  enjoy myself. No husband. No kids. No animals. There will be no poop to scoop. No mouths to feed. No dishes to wash. Just me and a bunch of romance fans.

Eep! Hold me?

My kids are already freaking out a little about me being gone. My husband has taken off work and is staying home with them so they won't be alone. Um, these are teenagers. They stay home every day while we go to work. But whatever. I think they'll survive four days--only two without Mom at all. The endless questions are killing me. What will they eat? Food. There's food in the house, but Mr. Redneck will probably feed them pizza and burgers and take out. They won't starve.  What will they wear? Clothes. Everyone has sufficient clothes washed that no one will be forced to touch the washing machine or go naked. Whatever will they do? Pfft. The same thing they do every weekend. Lay on my couch and play Wii or watch movies.

Actually, Mr. Redneck has tickets for some cool events. They'll be surprised. In fact, looking at the list, they may want me to turn around and leave again, at least until someone needs clothes again.

If your going to RomCon come and find me. I don't have swag and I've ducked out on most of my author responsibility stuff, but I'll buy you a drink in the bar and try not to embarrass you too bad with my Karaoke.

Until next time,

Stay regency

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  1. Oh, I wish I could meet you there.

    Re: kids
    LOL. Suddenly, mom is VERY important. Maybe they'll appreciate you more now that they'll have to 'rough' it for a few days.