Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Cabinet of Curiosities

Maria Zannini has asked that we entertain her as she is trapped at home.  Her wish is my command, of course.  So here is a list of oddities and curiousities about yours truly.

1. I went to high school with Barney.  We were drama club geeks together!  It's true!  Well, actually he's one of the two guys who donned the big purple suit and played him.  They didn't do all the vocals, but he still knows all the words and does a dead on impersonation if you get him drunk enough.

2. I once broke my foot--and broke it twice more before I got off crutches.  Yes, I'm that much of a klutz. 

3. I'm addicted to peanut butter.  I can eat it from the jar with a spoon.  Nom!

4. My husband used to be a golf pro, but I have never swung a club.  I think a golf course looks like a lovely place to ride my horse, if those nutty people didn't put holes all over it.  Grown men cursing at a white ball.  I don't get it.

5. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an ornithologist.  I just find birds amazingly cool.  This was like 5th grade when I had that dream.  Flash forward all these years later and the dream has manifested in my adoration of poultry.  I breed and raise chickens, geese, ducks, and guineas.  Coming this October?  Turkeys!  My incubator has been turned off for less than a month and I'm fighting the urge to hatch something.

6. I have visited every continent except Australia and Antarctica.  I intend to rectify the first, although not the last.  I also have an obsession with explorers and collect the journals of folks like Mungo Park and David Livingstone.  My hero is Ernest Shackleton.  If you love polar exploration, you need to read his journal, South.  You can download it for free.  Another favorite you should know is Mary Henrietta Kingsley, You can download her Travels in West Africa for $1.99.  It's a fascinating read. You can't beat real life for amazing and weird!

So now you know six goofy and useless facts about me.  If you want to read the seventh, visit Maria Zannini's blog and check out the comments. :)  In fact, you should go there now and read all of her weird, random items.


  1. Yes, still stranded. Bring cookies--or at least quirks.

    Ref: foot
    I thought I was a klutz. But you definitely win.

    Ref: birds
    You raise geese too? Cool!

    That might be a project for me at a later date, especially now that I have an expert I can turn to. :)

  2. The geese are my absolute favorites. I have a flock of them and they follow me everywhere around the property. I'm typically hatching and selling goslings in the spring if the goosey bug bites you.