Saturday, June 26, 2010

Everyone loves a party, right?

Anybody out there?  Summer time is when things slow to a turtle crawl.  Nobody around here wants to do much.  Texas is hot.  I realize that's hardly a news flash, but it is a reality.  It's too dang hot to do anything during the day.  We pulled out the saddles just to give the a scrub and Chex, my son's horse gave me the stink eye.  She was not in the mood for a trailride.  Lucky her.  I wasn't either.

When the 4th of July comes, all I want to do is hang out at the lake and eat.  Fireworks are good too.  That's how I intend to celebrate this year.  I'll be camping not far from home.  It's close enough to come home and shut up the critters, but far enough to be not at home.  On sunday, we will grill and scare the fish in the lake with our mad splashing skills.  Then by dark, we'll pull up a chair and watch fireworks over the lake.  If it sounds lovely, it is.

And best of all, I'll also be dropping by Creating Home to see their Blog Potluck starting July 2nd.  Sound like fun?  It is.  Go ahead and click their site.  Go on.  I'll wait here. 

Fun, right?  So in the spirit, I'll be posting some great recipes for garden goodness including my Nana's chow chow (vegetable relish) and a corn relish.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll even throw in my icebox pickles.  Just mix and chill.  No boiling, no canning. 

Speaking of garden goodies, I was having an issue.  My tomatoes are doing fabulous, thanks for asking.  That is, except my little grape tomatoes.  I had plants smothered in green ones, but never saw any red.  I'd have some look like they were ripening, but when I checked back--nothing.  Someone or something was stealing my tomatoes.  I busted the culprits this morning.  Early in the am, I heard a ruckus and came out my front door to find my gaggle of geese fighting over their loot.  There's no honor among theives and they all tried to act innocent bystander, but everyone had red juice dripping from their beaks.  They were all in on it.  It was a goose conspiracy.  So now I have to shut the garden gate at night to keep the naughty geese from stealing all my tomatoes.  Don't worry.  I'll set some aside to share with them. 

So get those summer memories and recipes ready to share.  I'm getting hungry!


  1. Oh, that's hilarious about the geese! :)

    My tomatoes came out really well last summer. My strawberries were another (quite sad) story.

  2. Hee! I had a horse that would let herself out just as the ears of corn tasseled. She'd then step over the garden fence and tiptoe through the rows, carefully biting off the top of every single ear of corn.

    It didn't much seem to matter how we fastened her gate, either, she'd figure out a way to escape.

  3. My sunflowers are at the point where the squirrels will be eyeballing them soon. And my basil - went from one pot to three, there was so much. I'll swap you some fresh basil for a few tomatoes! :p

  4. I love basil. I've got it growing out of my ears. I freeze tons of it for the winter. Nom!

    Wish I could send you some fresh tomatoes though.