Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mugged by Sleep

The sandman mugged me.

 I meant to write a great post about Sushi--that's a capital 'S' because she's my pet goose.  But that involved taking photos of her and actual effort.  Yanno, thinking and stuff.  I also meant to surf the net, add 2K to my current ms, write an introductory post for my publisher's blog, and all sorts of good things. Instead, I did my impersonation of the kitteh above and yes, it was that abrupt.  I was upright.  I was face down in the bed.  And there was no alcohol involved. 

It was supposed to be a 10 minute power nap, but I just woke up an hour ago.  Goody.  I'll sleep well tonight.  At least if I have insomnia, I can surf the net, add 2K to my current ms. . .

How about you?  Can you sleep after napping?

So in the comments of my previous post about zombie children, we were having a fun discussion of the crazy games we played as kids.  It reminded me of what summer used to mean.  Summer used to be fun.  It used to mean pools, ice cream, lemonade, watermelons.  I think it still does.  So after I crawled out of bed and dragged myself outside to feed and put up critters, I chased fireflies.  Then cut into a watermelon.  Nom?


  1. Ref: Can you sleep after napping?

    Oh, lord no. I wish I could. My husband can take a 3 hour nap then sleep a full 8 hours at night. Da bum!

    Me, if I so much as close my eyes during the day, I'm ruined for any night sleeping.

    Totally unfair. I envy people who can sleep.

  2. Watermelon, NOM. And fireflies, not exactly "nom" so much, but still pretty darned magical.

  3. I was careful not to nom any fireflies. But the watermelon was very good. It's midnight and I'm finally going to crash. Sleep after nap? We'll shall soon find out.