Friday, June 18, 2010

Pet the Internet!

My son (Howler Monkey, not Lizard Boy) had a brilliant observation just a moment ago.  See, I should be working.  To be more precise, I should be writing.  I have several Very Good Reasons why I need to write like a maniac on Becoming Mr. Brooking, not the least of which is that I accepted a dare.  Oh, this wasn't just any old dare, but the dreaded Triple Dog Dare (from Celina, Kim, and Grace) which is an entire level above Double Dog.  So we're talking serious cosmic consequences should I fail.  I was dared to be at the half-way point for this WIP by Sunday.  In other words, I should be writing.

Howler Monkey just busted me playing a game on the computer.  Not only was I trying to unlock pieces of a puzzle (so Atlantis could rise again!!) but I had open multiple windows including my Facebook page, Gmail, Twitter, and Absolute Write.  Oh yeah, I was totally busy.  Busy wasting valuable writing time.

I find that the Internet is like a needy cat, demanding to be petted.  Pet the Internet!  Check your email!  Pet it!  Feed it!  It's soft and purring and oh so insistent.  But it can suck all your time without conscience.

Howler Monkey's brilliant observance? 

Me: "I know.  I said I was going to write."

HM: "You should write on your laptop, Mom.  It doesn't have Internet."

Wisdom from a 12 year old.


  1. **peeks out from around desk**


    i'm watching you...

    **slinks back behind desk**

  2. I'll win that dare, Kim! Just you wait and see!

  3. Good luck on your dare!

    And, what exactly happens if you lose? ;)

  4. If I lose? I hang my head in shame and endure the mockery of my friends. I shall NOT lose! Never give up! Never surrender!

    Back off to go write.