Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drama Chick is Dramatic

This is Drama Chick as discussed in the previous post and yes, her mouth is always open and cheeping like that.  She never shuts up and everything is of The Sky is Falling variety.  Every little occurence, from being stepped on to the lights going out is cause for hysterical screeching.   

I had a long involved post planned out and half-written, but a funny thing happened and good news took the stuffing out of my rant.  So here it is in the Cliff Notes version:

The sky is not falling.  Print is not dead.  E-books are not a fad.  DRM sucks.  Friends and family make everything worthwhile.

Now one more fluffy chick picture and then tomorrow, big news. 


Here's what she looks like quiet.  You gotta love the fat cheeks.

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